How do I view the availability report?

The availability report is intended to aid dispatchers and other office personnel in making an informed decision whether a driver is available to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). Availability calculations are based on drivers' recent electronic driver logs and the hours of service rules for their assigned driver type.

Points to remember when viewing availability:
  • The driver type must correctly reflect the types of activities in which the driver is engaged at the moment. If the wrong driver type is assigned, the availability report cannot give a true indication of the driver's availability to drive.
  • The accuracy of availability calculations is dependent on the timeliness and completeness of information received. If a driver has forgotten to record a duty status change, or if a change has been made but not yet communicated to the software, the availability report may not give a true indication of the driver's availability to drive.
  • Some calculations require analysis of the last eight full days of log data for each driver included in the report. Therefore, a report for multiple drivers can take significantly longer to generate than a report for just one driver.
To view the availability report:
  • Click HOS in the menu bar, then click Availability Report.
  • Select a driver or choose All. Click View Availability.
  • The report will display active status as well as remaining driving time - information that is particularly helpful to dispatchers.