How do I view the conflicts report and resolve conflicts?

The conflicts report is intended to help identify omissions and inconsistencies in a driver's record of duty status (driver log). If left unresolved, such omissions and inconsistencies may cause the driver to be cited for violations or for exceeding the allowable hours of service.

The conflicts report includes key information associated with the conflict and can include conflicts that are more than 15 days old. It can also include unidentified driver activity—driving (D) status changes that were recorded but never assigned to a particular driver's log.

To view the conflicts report and resolve conflicts:
  • Click HOS in the menu bar, then click Conflicts Report.
  • Choose the driver and dates. Then click View.
  • All conflicts for the driver in the dates selected will be displayed.
  • Click the date to open the Conflict Resolution Report.
  • Driver data that is conflicting will be displayed.
    • Click the action button next to the appropriate driver and status to resolve the conflict.
    • Click Save.