How do I view the driver logs?

The driver logs page allows drivers, supervisors, and other authorized personnel to view, annotate, edit, and print a driver's record of duty status (driver log). Drivers may also use this page to certify their records of duty status.

The driver logs page shows all information that the USDOT requires for a driver's record of duty status, plus additional information to help supervisors and other personnel to verify a driver's hours of service and determine whether edits have been made to the original record.

To view the driver logs:
  • Click HOS in the menu bar, then click Driver Logs.
  • Select the driver and date from the dropdown menus.
  • Click View Logs.
  • You will see driver information, carrier information, and home terminal.
  • The print display date notes the difference between the report date, and the date the report is being viewed.
  • You will be able to see the vehicle the driver was operating, whether there was a co-driver, and all log events.
  • Icons under Conflicts will show any issues in the driver’s log - click the icon to view the Conflicts Reports.