How do I view and customize the DVIR inspection checklist?

The DVIR inspection checklist page allows for customization of the lists of parts and defects from which the driver can select when creating a driver vehicle inspection report.

The USDOT requires that a driver vehicle inspection report shall cover, at minimum, certain parts and accessories. Therefore, these parts cannot be deleted from the inspection checklist.

To customize the DVIR inspection checklist:
  • Click DVIR in the menu bar, then click Inspection Checklist.
  • Choose Trailer or Vehicle from the Asset Type drop down menu.
  • Click the arrow next to any part to see a list of defects.
  • Click a defect for the option to mark it High Priority.
  • Click New Part to add a new part to the checklist. Name the part and click Save.
  • Click a Part, then click New Defect to add a new defect warning to any part on the checklist. Name the defect and click Save.