How do I view the DVIR inspection reports?

The inspection reports page allows authorized users to view summary information about driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs), select a report to view in detail, add a new report, or select one or more reports for editing or printing. Users can filter DVIRs by status, vehicle or trailer ID, location, and time.

  • Click DVIR in the menu bar, then click Inspection Reports.
  • Choose the filter data you need to run the report. Options include searching by DVIR number, date, asset type, etc.
  • To see all defects, click all three options before running the report.
  • Click View to see the generated report.
  • Defects will be displayed by icon.
    • Yellow icons are normal priority defects.
    • High priority defects will display a red icon.
    • A green icon means that no defects were submitted.
  • A green wrench icon under repairs will show that repairs were made. Click the DVIR number to see notes about the repairs and make additional notes.