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plug-in gps tracker

CommandGPS Plug-in Vehicle Tracker

  • Installs in seconds by plugging in to the OBDII port
  • Provides instant, real-time GPS tracking
  • Reports once a minute when vehicle is on, once an hour when off
  • Tracks location, speeding, harsh braking, idling and more
discreet wired gps tracker

CommandGPS Wired GPS Vehicle Tracker

  • Installs with simple 3 wire installation
  • Perfect for heavy duty vehicles such as semis, waste haulers, buses, etc.
  • Can be hidden to prevent tampering
  • PTO (power take off) monitoring
  • Provides all the same features as CommandGPS Plug-in

Pricing and Service Details


GPS Tracking Devices
+ $25 Activation Fee

Sprint Sales Rep Ordering Page
$15.49 monthly per device
$22.49 monthly per device
No Contract
Requires a Sprint data plan