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ELogs: Tracking Hours of Service

In December 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) Final Rule. The rule affects drivers and fleet operators across the country.

Don't wait! If you are required to comply with this new rule, CommandGPS has a solution ready for you.

Contact us today to learn about a package that adds the ELD solution you need to the CommandGPS service you want.

One bill. One low monthly cost. One package to handle your GPS needs and ELD requirements.

Real-time GPS tracking

Benefits of our ELD solution

With ELD, you'll have better roadside inspections, CSA score improvement, and protection from DOT audits and interventions.

  • Eliminate handwritten logs and save paperwork.
  • Receive warnings when critical violations are approaching.
  • Provide quick access to reports for roadside inspections.
  • Automatically change driver duty status.
  • Achieve 100% compliance by the mandate!

ELD Pricing Options

$149.99 JBus device. $99.99 tablet. FREE JBus device with 2 year contract! (Sprint data rates apply.)

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*Please Note: CommandGPS ELD is currently in back-order. Orders will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis starting late December.*