Success Story

  • "The cost of the CommandGPS tracking device and monthly service paid for itself in less than a week"

    -Jeff Haarmann, Director of Sales


nFuse Direct is a fast-growing, direct sales organization with a focus on face-to-face sales. The company provides direct sales expertise across a diverse set of companies and industries including energy, cable, and telecom.

Over the last couple of years, the company has quickly grown to become one of the largest and best-respected direct sales organizations in the business. As a result of the rapid expansion, nFuse needed better visibility into the activities of their field sales teams across the country. Keeping sales teams selling in designated “turf” each day is key to delivering to the requirements of nFuse clients. Each day, individual sales teams start their selling day as a group, transported to the day’s sales location via an nFuse van. The company needed a cost-effective way to capture the daily location and usage of these vans to provide nFuse clients with deeper insight into sales activity by comparing sales results with geographic sales activity.


nFuse Direct came to Agilis Systems looking for a solution. Agilis System provides a collection of powerful workforce management tools and software solutions to monitor and make field teams more efficient. After reviewing the need, Agilis recommended and nFuse Direct implemented Agilis’ CommandGPS vehicle tracking solution.

The economical CommandGPS solution leverages an inexpensive device that keeps upfront capital expenses very low and eliminates installation costs. The CommandGPS tracking device simply plugs into the OBD II port on the nFuse vans (OBD II ports are available on all cars and light duty trucks manufactured after 1996). As soon an nFuse user plugs in a CommandGPS device, the unit begins reporting GPS location, stop locations, driving speed, idling activity, and unauthorized use back to the CommandGPS Web portal using its built in cellular modem. nFuse sales management accesses this portal and can view the location of all nFuse vans in real time, and they can view historical location activity as well. The CommandGPS portal also provides nFuse Direct’s alerts and reports that outline the actual return on investment (ROI) that the solution is generating for the company through activities such as: reduced speeding, reduced engine idling and unauthorized use.


Using the Agilis CommandGPS solution, nFuse is now able to provide their clients with data-driven confirmation that sales teams worked specific areas with corresponding sales results. CommandGPS also has led to a dramatic increase in nFuse sales. Just two days after the CommandGPS devices were installed, nFuse sales teams more than tripled their sales from 56 units to 180 units. The company attributes the sales increase to the increased sales rep accountability created from being able to monitor their teams.

“The cost of the CommandGPS tracking device and the monthly service paid for itself in less than a week”, explains Jeff Haarmann, nFuse Director of Sales. “We can not only verify that our sales teams are in their assigned territories, but we’ve been able to call out some sales teams when they claimed they were unable to work on a particular day. It was as simple as noting that the van was in use on those days.”

About nFuse Direct, LLC

NFuse Direct is a direct sales and marketing company based out of St. Louis, MO. It is a subsidiary of C4 Connections, LLC. For more information about NFuse Direct, visit their website, http://www.nfusedirect.com.

About Agilis Systems, LLC

Agilis Systems LLC is a St. Louis based Software as a Service (SaaS) company that assists corporate enterprises in mobilizing their operations using its comprehensive fleet, asset, and workflow management solutions. By uniquely combining key technologies, Agilis elevates customers to the highest level of mobile productivity and customer service, while dramatically reducing costs. Read more about Agilis Systems at: http://www.agilissystems.com.