• CommandGPS review

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    "The cost of the CommandGPS tracking device and monthly service paid for itself in less than a week"

    -Jeff Haarmann, Director of Sales


The Agilis sales process is extremely smooth, and fulfilled on a timely manner, alongside great follow up from the Agilis staff. The customers also appreciate the value this product brings, especially with so many features bundled in with the price point. From the post-sale perspective, Agilis does an outstanding job of addressing any pending matters with the customer.

Alberto Flores
Solutions Account Manager, Business Mobility Group

Agilis’ involvement with my team in driving the Command GPS product has led to tremendous success in my market. The Command GPS Product from Agilis has really allowed my sales team to provide an excellent solution with outstanding value to our customers. We learned the solution very quickly, mainly because of how simple and efficient the website was to navigate through. Our customers have really enjoyed finally have a GPS solution that they can and want to use. Our experience thus far has been extremely positive and our customers have said the same thing. We will continue to sell this great product and hope it becomes a Sprint certified solution in our portfolio.

Maggie Gonzales
Sales Manager

The Agilis team are my go-to source for location solutions. I can always reach Agilis to answer questions or come up with special presentations on the spot. I wish all of my vendors were as flexible and dependable as Agilis Systems.

Robert Hamilton
Solution Engineer

The CommandGPS Solution from Agilis, has proven to be the easiest tool for our customer’s to learn, use, and implement as a fleet management initiative. We have received extremely positive feedback from customers who have tried other solutions in the past. They inform us that this solution is so simple to use and provide all the features they would need to properly manage their vehicles in the field. Our sales teams have also indicated how easy the solution is to sell and support. This “ease of use and deployment” has caused ripples in the Fleet Management GPS space and is allowing CommandGPS to really become one of the first solutions our sales teams like to talk about with customers.

Justin Davis
Senior Solutions Engineer III



“We wanted to make sure our employees were finishing one job and going to the next job without any unnecessary stops along the way. Also the ability to run the stop report for a specific day allows us to verify which customers were visited and need to be billed.”


“CommandGPS is used by our company for more than just knowing where my employees are, it’s about saving the company money by monitoring unauthorized use. Being able to prevent after hour use saves our company in unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicles, wasted gas, but most importantly the company materials aren’t used for side jobs. CommandGPS alerts allow us to know if a vehicle is being used after work hours and the GPS breadcrumb history allows us to know where our vehicles traveled and for how long they were there.”


“Before CommandGPS we were tracking the employees through their cell phones, which proved to be very unreliable. The GPS application on the phone would cause calls to be dropped, quickly drain the battery, and if an employee turned off the phone there would be no way to track them. We wanted to be able to track where the vehicle full of equipment went and not where the actual driver goes. Now that we have installed CommandGPS devices in all of our vehicles we have had no problem finding out where the vehicle is and has been. We are now able to see how many deliveries each driver does per day and are able to see if any can be added to their daily routes”


“CommandGPS with IFTA has saved our company a lot of time when the IFTA reports are due. The process is as simple as running the quick report, printing it off, signing it and sending it in. Also, with CommandGPS being able to integrate with my fuel card, it has taken the hassle out of tracking down fuel receipts from the drivers”


“Our Trucking business has grown so fast in the past few years we really needed a way to keep track of all the trucks. The CommandGPS software allows us to view all of the trucks on the map at the same time and allows us to zoom into a particular truck if we need to see exactly where they currently are located.”


“When a customer calls I can see in real time where the drivers are and how far away they’re from the drop off location this helps to increase my customer satisfaction.

Before installing the CommandGPS Tracking device, I had problems with my drivers not answering the phone or not giving me their correct location. After CommandGPS, I don’t have to keep calling my drivers for location updates and they’re not distracted by the constant phone calls – which allows the driver to concentrate on driving, and not their cell phone”


“We had a speeding complaint about one of our drivers and I was able to quickly look at the GPS history of the driver and verify they were nowhere near that location at the time. CommandGPS gives us the ability to keep a positive reputation throughout the community.”


“The best part about CommandGPS is how simple everything is from the installation, to the ease of use on the web portal, and the dashboard overview of the fleet.”


“We use the CommandGPS device for a variety of reasons from verifying time spent on a job, to the route the tech took to a job and to monitor the amount of time the vehicles are idling.”