Vehicle Tracking Features

CommandGPS - SmartLOCATE

CommandGPS – SmartLocate

  • The easiest to use GPS tracking software
  • Plug & Track device, no difficult install
  • #1 Rated In-House Support Staff, U.S.-based
Real-time GPS tracking

Real-time GPS Tracking

  • Live tracking of each vehicle
  • Intuitive, Google Maps interface
  • Once a minute tracking when vehicle is on, every hour when off
View vehicle history, direction, stops & speed

View Vehicle History, Direction, Stops & Speed

  • A breadcrumb trail shows a vehicle’s location throughout the day
  • Helpful icons show vehicle direction and speeds
  • Visual indicators show stops, alerts & other key events
Find, group & dispatch vehicles

Find, Group & Dispatch Vehicles

  • Identify the nearest vehicle to any address
  • Generate the quickest route to a location
  • Group vehicles for quick views and management
gps tracking safety reports

Valuable Reports for Managing Your Business

  • Review key performance and safety activity on an interactive dashboard
  • Track driver safety and generate driver safety report cards
  • Monitor mileage, speeding, idling, harsh braking, stops activity and more
  • Save money, reduce fuel usage, and increase driving efficiency and safety
help track vehicle maintenance

Track Vehicle Maintenance

  • Set up maintenance reminders and schedules for all your vehicles
  • Receive reminders via email or text when service activities are due
  • Keep a historical record of all maintenance activities
gps custom barriers

Geofences & Landmarks

(custom barriers on a map)

  • Outline key locations on the map
  • Highlight important landmarks such as the home office or customer locations
  • Create unlimited Geofences of any shape or size
  • Receive alerts when vehicles enter or exit a fence
gps speeding notifications

GPS Tracking Alerts

  • Receive real-time alerts via mobile app notifications, email or text
  • Alerts include:
    • Speeding
    • Excessive Idling (reduces fuel efficiency)
    • First Ignition of the Day
    • Enter/Exiting Geofences
    • Harsh Braking
    • Rapid Acceleration
    • Device Tampering
    • No GPS Signal
    • High Speed
    • First Speeding Offense
    • Unauthorized Hour Usage
  • Receive alert summaries either immediately, hourly or daily
  • Create custom alert schedules and select alert types to be sent on individual drivers
  • Receive alert summaries either immediately, hourly or daily
gps mobile apps

Mobile Apps – Check In Anywhere

CommandGPS gives you native applications for iOS and Android that let you monitor the location of your vehicles from anywhere.

CommandGPS on Google Play CommandGPS on App Store
ifta fuel tax reporting gps

IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting

(optional add-on service)

Do you need to provide IFTA reporting to the DOT? Get our optional IFTA reporting module for only $11.99 per month.

  • Powered by Industry Leader – ProMiles
  • Completes reports in seconds
  • Automatically collects mileage data
  • Integrates with your fuel card
  • Approved by all U.S. State DOTs
  • Reports toll vs. non-toll miles
  • Includes ProMiles training
  • ProMiles maintains data for life

SmartDISPATCH Features

For a small additional monthly fee, SmartDISPATCH adds the following tools to the SmartLOCATE system:

dispatch jobs to mobile phone

Simplify the Dispatch Process

SmartDISPATCH enables you to save time and answer more service calls every day.

  • Dispatch jobs from the office or on the road using our dedicated mobile app
  • Provide turn-by-turn directions
  • Keep a history of all jobs assigned in one place
  • Monitor and track job progress
  • Get real-time confirmation that jobs are complete
gps with integrated messaging

Integrated Driver Messaging

Send real-time messages to your worker’s mobile app and reduce calls.

  • Message individual workers or groups of workers
  • Send broadcast messages to everyone on your team
driver safety reports

Driver-ID and Reporting

Driver’s changing vehicles frequently? No problem.

  • Track who’s driving each vehicle in real time
  • Generate reports and gain driver-level insights
  • Spot problem drivers and coach to improved performance
PTO sensor usage tracker

Sensor/PTO Usage Tracking (Wired Device Only)

Want to track usage of key vehicle components such as Power Take Off (PTO). We’ve got you covered.

  • Monitor usage for PTO, tow arms, lift gates and more
gps with fuel card integration

Fuel Card Integration

Reduce fuel usage and better manage your fleet by integrating your Comdata fuel card with your GPS tracking data.