How do I review and accept driver logs on the driver's tablet?

Drivers have the opportunity to review, and accept or reject, proposed edits to logs if the proposed edit was made within the last 7 days (14 for Canadian drivers).

To review driver logs on the tablet:
  • Tap on Options and Review Logs, or tap Logs and navigate to the date of the proposed edit.
  • Once on the correct date, locate the proposed edit (in red) in the log Events, tap the event, and tap Accept or Reject.
  • If the edit was proposed on a log date that is not accessible on the mobile device, the device will notify the driver at login and logout that there are logs that they must review on the driver portal.
Driver Portal Process
If the driver is configured with permission to access the driver portal, they can use the driver portal to review proposed edits. Drivers must sign in to the driver portal to review edits proposed on logs older than 7 or 14 days (depending on their driver type), but can review and accept or reject edits to more recent logs through the portal as well.
  • Sign in to the portal and navigate to Driver Logs under the HOS menu and select the date of the proposed edit.
  • The event will be highlighted with red text in the event details. Click the green thumbs up icon to accept the edit or the red thumbs down icon to reject the edit.
  • Click the View Proposed button above the graph grid to show the graph grid as it would be if all Inactive – Requested proposed edits are accepted.
Edits that a driver makes to their own log do not need to be accepted. They are applied automatically.