R3 Software Update: What else you need to do

The R3 software update (November/December 2017) will include expanded ELD services. Here's what you need to know.

Update the software on all tablets
DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTION SHEET (PDF) to update the software on each tablet.

Update existing drivers in the admin portal
For each driver you will need:
  • The state in which the driver’s license was issued.
  • Driver’s license number.
For each existing driver, you will need to add driver's license information and grant permission for web portal access. Drivers will need to log in to the driver portal to update logs older than 7 days (logs from the previous 7 days can be updated via the tablet).

The system recogizes existing drivers. Drivers will be able to log into their tablet or the driver portal without a password. All existing drivers should create a password when they log into the driver portal.